Movietime is a simple and open source (GPL) personal movie database, written in Ruby on Rails. You can specify local directories that will be checked for movies and matched with metadata and a poster images from IMDB.

You can also visit Movietime on GitHub.



  • different movie folders (Sources) to scan for new movies with a rake task can be defined
  • movie metadata and poster image can be fetched from IMDB
  • you can search for directors, cast members, sources, genres and other text in your database
  • you can specify the end time when filtering your movies, for example when you want to go to bed :)
  • IMDB page and trailers on YouTube are linked
  • movies are taged with IMDB tags
  • you can sort your search results by name, rating, movie length, year and creation date in your database


You can either download the latest source here: Movietime Source on GitHub as ZIP

Or you can checkout the code directly from the git repository:

git clone -b develop

You will need ruby 1.9.3. So you can either visit the ruby webpage or use railsinstaller.

If you haven't installed the gem bundle do so:

cd movietime
sudo gem install bundle

then install all other gems with:

bundle install

If you are running into troubles with different ruby versions take a look at rvm. Install it and then do for example a:

rvm install ruby-1.9.3-p551

It should tell you to execute a line like this afterwards to use rvm, so don't forget to do that:

source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm

Then run bundle install again to install all gems.

Now create the sqlite database with its tables and some data:

rake db:migrate
rake db:seed

Finally you can start your rails server:

rails s

It should tell you to open a webpage like this:

Now click on Sources on the top and specify at least one directory where you store your movies (for example /home/patbek/Videos in my case). In this directory each movie has to have it's own directory.

Scanning for new movies in your movie folders

To add your latest movies to the database you can run this script:

rake movies:update_database[auto]

It will scan your movie folders (Sources) and look up the movies on IMDB for you.

Don't forget, every movie has to have it's own directory, so that the scanner can search for it properly, for example like this:

├── Big Buck Bunny
│ └── BigBuckBunny_320x180.mp4
├── Elephants Dream
│ └── ED_1024.avi
└── Sintel
   └── sintel-1024-stereo.mp4

You can specify some search & replace patterns for your folder names in the section Directory Name Cleanup Patterns on the top.


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