Qt C++ Piwik Tracker Library

PiwikTracker is a C++ Qt 5 library for tracking with the open-source analytics platform Piwik.


  • sending visits
  • sending events
  • custom dimensions can be sent along with visits and events
  • language, screen resolution and operating system will be tracked automatically
  • client id will be generated and stored automatically

How to use this library

  • checkout the git repository
  • include piwiktracker.pri to your project like this: include (qt-piwik-tracker/piwiktracker.pri)
  • include piwiktracker.h in your .cpp file
  • use the library to talk to your Piwik server
// the 3rd parameter is the site id
PiwikTracker *piwikTracker = new PiwikTracker(qApp, QUrl("https://yourserver"), 1);
piwikTracker->setCustomDimension(1, "some dimension");
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